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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Tales of Old Kyoto: Why Dogs and Cats Never Get Along With Each Other


Once upon a time in Kyoto, there was a woman who adored dogs and cats. She had one dog and one cat and she was with them all the time, everywhere she went.

One day, she took them for a walk along a small stream. When she returned home, she found that she had accidentally dropped one of her precious rings along the way. Knowing how much the ring meant to the woman, the dog and cat decided to go back to look for it.

Why Dogs and Cats Never Get Along With Each Other.

They made the long journey back to the stream and began searching for the ring in the water. "There it is! There it is!" They rejoiced when they finally spotted her ring at the bottom of the water. The cat was the first to try. She stretched her arm down into the water, but it was too short to reach the ring.

So next the dog jumped in, fetched the ring up in his mouth, and swam back to the bank. As cat and dog made their way home, they were both very happy about having recovered their owner's ring.

However, when they arrived home the wet dog was made to stay outside the house. And so the cat put the ring in her mouth and presented it to the woman. She was overjoyed and praised the cat saying, "What a very clever cat you are! It is a wonder that you were able to find my ring. You are so good!"

She kissed and patted the cat over and over again. Listening from outside the door, the dog was jealous and angry at the cat and grumbled to himself, "It was I who jumped into the stream and I who deserves all the affection, but instead look how unfairly I am treated!"

Ever since this episode, never being able to forgive them, dogs have always held a grudge against cats. And that is why whenever a dog sees a cat it will bark fiercely and go chasing after it.

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