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Thursday, November 02, 2017

Tsubouchi Memorial Theatre Museum Waseda


The Tsubouchi Memorial Theatre Museum (Enpaku) on the Waseda University campus in Tokyo is dedicated to the history of drama and is named after Tsubouchi Shoyo (1859-1935), a writer, dramatist and translator.

Tsubouchi Memorial Theatre Museum Waseda.

Under the pen name of Harunoya Oboro, Tsubouchi wrote literary criticism, novels, plays and translated Shakespeare's complete works into the language of Japanese kabuki.

The museum, which holds many of Tsubouchi's original works and a collection of ukiyo-e prints of the kabuki play Chushingura, was designed by Kenji Imai and opened in 1928. It was modeled on the former Fortune Theatre in London, an Elizabethan theatre that existed at the same time as the more famous Globe Theatre.

Tsubouchi Memorial Theatre Museum Waseda.

The museum's large collection from around the world includes masks, folding screens, bunraku dolls, theatre magazines, costumes and items related to motion pictures and TV as well as theatre.

There is a library on the premises with a collection of rare books and books in other languages relating to the theatre.

Dramatic performances from Japan and overseas are held at the theatre including two annual festivals: a Shakespeare Festival and the Shoyo Festival.

You can also sample a Ruby Nile beer at Uni Cafe on the Waseda campus after your museum visit.

Ruby Nile Beer.

Tsubouchi Memorial Theatre Museum
1-6-1 Nishi-waseda
Tokyo 169-8050
Tel: 03 5286 1829
Hours: Weekdays 10am-5pm (until 7pm on Tuesdays and Fridays); closed weekends and holidays
Admission: Free

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