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Friday, December 01, 2017

Dojuzan Kasugai Hike


Kasugai, north of Nagoya, may not be known for its natural beauty, however, it does exist.

The small mountains of Dojuzan (429m), Otaniyama (425m) and Mirokuyama (437m).

The small mountains of Dojuzan (429m), Otaniyama (425m) and Mirokuyama (437m), south west of Tajimi, make for a good hike through the forest with spectacular views on a clear day, stretching as far as the skyscrapers around Nagoya Station to the south and the mountains of the Southern Alps in Gifu and Nagano prefectures to the north.

The trail connecting the three peaks is part of the larger Tokai Nature Trail.

Kasugai Hike.

If coming by car, park in the parking lot of the Kasugai Botanical Garden (グリーンピア春日井).
Walk 15 minutes to the Hosono Camp Ground BBQ facilities, the hike begins from a marked trail near Akiba Shrine. The trail could be classified as moderate in difficulty along a well marked path through forest, passing several clear waterfalls.

There are no facilities, so bring your own. The circular route takes a total of approximately two hours.

Kasugai Hike.

There are infrequent Meitetsu buses to Kasugai Botanical Garden from Kozoji Station. Take the bus from bus stop 4 bound for the Botanical Garden (植物園行き ニュータウン経由).

Information on the hike (in Japanese) can be found here: www.jac.or.jp

Kasugai Hike.

Kasugai Hike.

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