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Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Fall Scenes from the Middle of Tokyo


Fall scenery in Japan is something most people would associate with forests and mountains or, at best, rural towns. However, the megapolis that is Tokyo is full of spectacular autumnal views at the end of year.

I was cycling through Tokyo today with my camera and took a few shots around the Marunouchi, Imperial Palace and Nagatacho districts of Tokyo.

Daichi Life Insurance Building, Tokyo, in autumn.
Daiichi Life Insurance Building, Tokyo, with Imperial Palace moat.
The Daiichi Life Insurance is one of the most stylish buildings in Marunouchi facing onto the eastern edge of the Imperial Palace moat. It is of recent historical significance too, having been the Allied headquarters in the Occupation. Near Hibiya Station.

Meiji Life Insurance building, Tokyo, in fall with gingko trees.
Meiji Life Insurance building, Marunouchi, Tokyo, with gingko trees.

The Meiji Yasuda Life insurance building is just a block north of Daiichi Insurance, and is grandiose in a more classical way, but lent the same golden beauty with the erect ginkgo trees lined along its front.

Gingko trees in fall near the Imperial Palace, Marunouchi.
Gingko trees in Marunouchi near the Imperial Palace, .

This avenue between Marunouchi and the Imperial Palace is a vista of ginkgo trees that right now are at their mature golden peak, with the leaves creating a luscious carpet both over trees and the ground beneath them.

School pupils clearing autumn leaves in Kokkaizentei Park.
School pupils clearing leaves in Kokkaizentei Park, Nagatacho
There were hundreds of school children in Kokkai Zentei Park today - right across from the National Diet building - "volunteering" to pick up fallen autumn leaves in the park by the sackful - no doubt a welcome day off from study, especially on such a beautiful clear, sunny day as today was.

National Diet Building, Tokyo, in autumn.
Fall at the National Diet Building, Tokyo
The National Diet Building just across from the park was flanked by trees at the left that have given up their foliage, and ginkgo trees on the right that are still richly golden.

Street strewn with fallen leaves, Nagatacho, Tokyo.
Sidewalk covered in autumn leaves, Nagatacho, Tokyo.
This sidewalk in Nagatacho, not far from the National Diet Building was carpeted with distinctive, triangular ginkgo leaves that contrasted dramatically with the dark figures of bureaucrats venturing out into the natural beauty that Tokyo's streets are full of right now.

Autumn foliage at the National Theater, Tokyo, Japan.
Fall foliage at the National Theater, Tokyo
The National Theater of Japan is on the opposite site of the Imperial Palace from Marunouchi, in Hayabusacho, next to the Hirakawacho district. The entrance to the Theater is a riot of fiery autumnal colors.

Supreme Court of Japan lined with gingko trees in autumn.
Ginkgo trees in autumn at the Supreme Court, Tokyo, Japan.
Right next to the National Theater is the brutalist modernity of the Supreme Court, its bold angles and planes beautifully set off by what looks like a row of flaming torches.

Check out the Marunouchi Shuttle Bus or the Sky Bus Tokyo: great ways to see the sights of Marunouchi.

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