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Thursday, December 07, 2017

Tales of Old Kyoto The Shrimp and the Sea Bream


Long, long ago, there once was an energetic, highly curious shrimp living in one of Japan's many rivers. Among this little shrimp's many dreams was his firm desire to visit the sea, just once. One day, the little shrimp decided it was time.

Tales of Old Kyoto The Shrimp and the Sea Bream.

In parting from his friends, he simply stated, "I want to go to the sea and then swim all over the world," and then set out as energetically and confidently as ever. That night, after reaching the sea, the now tired shrimp began looking for a safe place to sleep. After a while, he found a big hole in a rock and saying: "This is what I’ve been looking for," went in for a good night’s sleep.

However, this was no ordinary hole. This was the nose hole of a big sea bream. As the little shrimp was getting comfortable, the sea bream began to feel more and more uncomfortable. Suddenly, the sea bream couldn't stand it any longer and let out a huge explosion of a sneeze. Naturally, the little shrimp was sent flying through the water helpless against the power of the sea bream's super sneeze. Before the shrimp knew what had happened, he had crashed into a big rock and broke his back. And ever since then, shrimps have all had a bent back.

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